Born in the Republic of El Salvador, Central America, coffee has been a way of life for R. Antonio Viera, Founder, and Sessia Viera, Co-Founder, of Viera Coffee Co.  For us, coffee is more than just a beverage.  Coffee means community and a sense of belonging.

Coffee signifies bringing people together for that morning coffee you cannot start your day without or that afternoon or evening coffee with your favourite “pan dulce”.

Growing up in a country that grows and cultivates coffee, the chances of having coffee in your sippy cup as a toddler were very likely. From a young age we learned the appreciation of a good cup of coffee.  From instant coffee, for the busiest morning, to the best “café hervido” (brewed coffee in a pot), for a slow relaxing afternoon or evening with family and friends.

We could go on-and-on about our life’s moments, and the many good conversations happened with a cup of coffee nearby.

 Fun fact: Sessia, our Co-Founder, did go coffee picking at a very young age with her grandmother. She recalls picking the red coffee beans and eating them and was unable to climb the coffee trees as they were too skinny for her climbing adventures.

 Our Mission:

 To share with you the unique, nuanced flavours of single origins from the world’s best coffee regions. As we like to think, “it’s all about the bean”.

 Our Coffee:

 Viera Coffee Co. offers you the very best in freshness and quality specialty coffee beans certified, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, and Café Femenino, among other appreciable coffee beans.

Our Roasters: 

We are choosey, when selecting our Canadian roasters.  We look for their passion for coffee, sustainability and trading practices.