Freshly roasted VIERA COFFEE CO. coffee

  • Paper filter
  • Filtered water
  • Digital scale (optional)
  • Grinder - medium-fine to medium


  1. Use cold, filtered water to fill the reservoir to the appropriate level depending on the desired number of cups. For this brew we filled the reservoir with water to the four-cup mark to make four cups of coffee.
  1. Weigh or measure the amount of whole bean coffee for the desired number of cups. For this brew, we measured 7 Tablespoons or ~40 grams of roasted, whole bean coffee (1 Tablespoon ≈ 6 grams). You may need to use more or less coffee, depending on your preferred coffee strength.
  1. Grind the coffee to a medium-fine to medium consistency, depending on your batch size. Use a medium-fine grind for four to six cups and a medium grind for eight or more cups.
  1. Add the paper filter to the brew basket and rinse with hot or warm water from the sink or a kettle to warm the brewer and carafe. Empty the carafe of rinse water before starting the brew cycle.
  1. Pour the ground coffee into the filter and gently shake to settle the grounds into an even layer, then place the carafe under the spray head.
  1. Press the ON button to initiate brewing. Every coffee maker is different, so total brew times will vary.
  1. Smell the delicious coffee smell floating through the air. Grab some mugs, share and enjoy.


 Cheat Sheet

Coffee For


Coffee Grounds

Grind Size

Brew Time


2 people/20 oz.

650 ml - 4 Cup Mark

7 Tbsp / 40 grams

Medium Fine

~4 minutes

3 people/30 oz.

975 ml - 6 Cup Mark

10 Tbsp / 60 grams

Medium Fine

~5 minutes

4 people/40 oz.

1300 ml - 8 Cup Mark

14 Tbsp / 80 grams

Medium Fine

~6 minutes